who we are ?

Name of Organization: Creative Future NPO

Legal Form: Non-profit organization providing services of general interest

Company Registration Number – CRN: 52511791

Registered Seat: Ondreja Jarjabka 556/8, 033 01 Podtureň

Registration Number: 1/19

Registration Office: Žilina District Office

Date of Registration / Date of Establishment: 19.07.2019

Statutory Body – Director

PaedDr. Tomas Hvostik PhD.

Born 5th June 1981

From 19.07.2019 To

Bank Details: Fio Banka a.s.

IBAN: SK10 8330 0000 0029 0170 0011

IBAN: SK68 8330 0000 0023 0214 1967

Non-profit organization CREATIVE FUTURE, NPO with registered office: Ondreja Jarjabka 556/8 03301 Podtureň, CRN: 52511791 was established on 19 July 2019 on the basis of the decision of the OU-ZA-OVVS1-2019 / 020849-05 / 3FR issued by the Office in Žilina pursuant to the provisions of § 9 par. 1 of Act no. 213/1997 Collection of Laws on non-profit organizations providing services of general interest, as amended (hereinafter referred to as the “Act”).

The non-profit organization provides the following services of general interest:

  • Provision of social assistance and humanitarian care;

  • Creation of social projects supporting socially disadvantaged citizens and physically disadvantaged citizens;

  • Education, training and development of physical culture for adolescents and seniors in the form of physical group exercises and lectures on a healthy lifestyle;

  • Research, development, scientific and technical services, and information services aimed at developing new innovative scientific and technical services, in particular aimed at supporting socially disadvantaged groups in the field of health and physical education;

  • Regional development and employment support services;

  • Increasing employment in the region of Liptov and creating new jobs for the physically handicapped.

Story and mission

We are a team of young people who are tenacious, flexible, sympathetic and willing to help. We think ahead and focus on the future. We want to make the world a better place for everyone. We believe in the brighter future, and that is the reason why we have founded a non-profit organisation and named it Creative Future.

The non-profit organization was officially established in 2019, when we decided to utilize our previous experience in order to provide services of general interest in the name of the non-profit organization. The company provides social assistance and humanitarian care. We create social projects to support socially disadvantaged citizens. It also creates provide education, training and development of physical culture through various lectures and workshops. We are not indifferent to research and development aimed at developing new innovative scientific and technical services, neither to the use of these scientific and technical services, or information services, especially for supporting the socially disadvantaged groups in the field of health and physical culture. Likewise, we focus our attention on services supporting regional development and employment.

Project of American-Slovak subsidy scheme and aid

This project arose along with the conflict in Ukraine (UA). Since it is logistically and financially very demanding, it requires a lot of effort to make it happen. Currently, a number of organizations or individual volunteers help directly at all border chcekpoints at the Slovak-Ukrainian border. Slovakia has united to help the fleeing Ukraininan families who have spent long hours traveling to the border in order to escape the war. Many families have been receiving food, clothing and basic care. I am extremely proud of the Slovak nation, especially of all ordinary people who help materially and provide the refugees with accommodation throughout Slovakia, and recently also across the Czech Republic.

Our initiative for American-Slovak joint support originated due to the fact that I personally and also several of my acquaintances and friends know many US citizens and are in regular touch with them. Our personal experience with the US citizens is that they have always displayed a great deal of solidarity and have been able to help each other, not only, in the local communities, but even throughout the world when it was needed. That is why we are seeking your support and why we are pleading you to inform the willing people from your area about this project. I am convinced that the project will be a great success if you decide to help out and support it financially. I would like to ensure you that your financial gifts will be targeted on those who really need it. Likewise, in order to prevent misuse, each payment can be checked on the newly created transparent account which is easily accessible 24/7. Bank account: SK3209000000005188208745.

The project is aimed at the hordes of families waiting in endless columns in front of the SVK-UA border. It is divided into two parts: The first one focuses on personnel and logistics training of refugees which they might benefit from after crossing the border. Simply put, our volunteers should inform the people waiting for crossing the border about where they should move once they arrive in Slovakia, who they will get help from, where they should apply to get visas, accommodation, food or transport. The second part of donations is intended for helping the Ukrainians before entering our territory, particularly for building tent camps, where all exhausted families might rest at least temporarily. Our initiative is focused on working in Ukraine near the Slovak border, i.e. on helping the Ukrainian citizens get themselves and their children to safety in our country as best and as quickly as possible.

I therefore kindly ask you to help our organisation to fulfil its set goals. In return, I promise that we will do our best to use 100% of your funds where it is really needed.


With respect and humility


PaedDr. Tomas Hvostik, PhD.